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Working with us

Bachelor and Master projects

 Bachelor and Master projects can be defined (almost) anytime. They typically will be related to computer simulations, density functional theory and/or projection operator techniques. You will either solve equations (analytically or numerically), run simulations, or develop (and program) numerical or simulation related techniques.



PhD projects

Available PhD positions:

“Coarse-graining cholesteric systems”

The project aims at developing a new coarse-graining strategy for cholesteric liquid crystalline (ChLC) systems. ChLCs have special optical properties that might be used for sensing or displaying applications. To this end it is important to be able to control the final structure and properties via tuning molecular properties and system and processing parameters. Starting point are simulations on the particle level, where equilibrium properties, like the cholesteric pitch, are mapped out. The coarse-graining then results in a new “cholesteric particle”, that includes the pitch of the underlying cholesteric structure.

For further details please contact:                                                                          anja (dot) kuhnhold (at) physik (dot) uni (dash) freiburg (dot) de